Picnic with Spanish chef Aitor Olabegoya on the sea

Spanish chef Aitor Olabegoya once worked at the Michelin three-star restaurant El Bulli led by legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, and the restaurant Sant Pau led by the world’s first female chef Carme Ruscalleda, who has obtained seven Michelin stars.
Mediterranean fisherman’s cuisine & paella on the sea.


Chef Aitor stated “Good ingredients are the foundation of cooking. Nearly 90% of Spanish ingredients can be found in Taiwan because of its diverse climate patterns and oceanic terrains, so presenting Spanish cuisine in Taiwan is a perfect combination.
Food can be memories, art, and even supreme enjoyment.  Following in Aitor’s footsteps, let us have a picnic date on the sailboat!

Ocean Yoga

The essence of yoga is nature, and we have moved our yoga class to the sailboat to feel the vastness of the ocean.

You will practice yoga without the boundary of walls and ceilings to reawaken your body from the inside out through every breath.

The sea can heal your body and mind. You can keep the memories of the splendor or calmness offered by this sea journey in your mind to remind yourself that there is actually a great deal of freedom and beauty inside you.

And much more….